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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Variation of PB&J Burial gown

Smaller Varation of PB&J Burial Gown
Red Heat Baby Soft Yarn
G - Hook
Also using a little thicker yarn and a H - Hook makes this bigger
Row 1: Bodice - Starting at neckline, CH 34, DC in 4th chain from hook. DC in next 3 CH. Work [DC, CH 1, DC] in next chain. *DC in next 6 CH, [DC, CH 1, DC] in next chain. Repeat from * two MORE times. DC in last 5 CH; CH 2, Turn
Row 2: *HDC in each st to CH 1 space - work [HDC, CH 1, HDC] in CH 1 space. Repeat from * three more times. HDC in each remaining stitch. CH 2, Turn.
Rows 3 & 4: Repeat Row 2.
Row 5: [Forming the sleeves] HDC in each stitch to CH 1 space; yarn over hook, insert hook in 1st and 2nd CH 1 spaces - complete HDC, skipping all stitches in between first and second CH 1 spaces. HDC in each stitch to next CH 1 space; join 3rd and 4th CH 1 spaces in same manner as first two. HDC in remaining stitches to end. CH 2, Turn.
Row 6: HDC in each ST across, CH 2 turn.
Row 7: SK 1 st below CH, *(1 DC in the next st, 5 DC in the next st, 1 DC in the next st, SK next 1 st)* Repeat across ending with SK 1, DC in the turn CH. CH 2 turn.Row 8: SK 1 DC, *(DC in the next 2 st, 3 DC in the next st, DC in the next 2 st, SK 2 st)* Repeat to the end, ending with SK 1, DC in top of turning ch. CH 2 turn.Rows 9-23: Repeat Row 8
Trim as you would like, you can use ribbon for ties.
I made my own ties. I CH 35 attach ot the neck on top of the right side, SC down the side to the waist, CH 35, end off. Knot ends on the tie making sure to hold yarn with CH tie your knot then cut excess ending yarn off. Do the other side the same way starting at waist working up side to the neck.
Embellish as you would like.

Copyright 2011...J.A. Esterly.

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