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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Newborn Lacy Shell Sweater

Newborn Lacy Shell Sweater
G Hook ( Different weights of yarn, size of hook and tension can alter the size of garment)
Baby Sport yarn
V St.....dc, ch1, dc
Shell....3dc, ch1, 1dc
Row 1....Ch 54, sc in 2nd ch from hk and each ch across, ch 2 turn. (53 sts)
Row 2....*2dc in next st, skip 1, * repeat across, ending with dc in last st or turning ch, ch 2 turn. (26 sets of 2dc )
Row 3....* Dc ,ch1, dc(V st) between 2dc in previous row, *repeat across, ending with dc in last dc or turning ch, ch 2 turn. (26 Vsts)
Row 4....*3dc, ch1, 1dc( shell), in center of V st,* repeat across, ending with dc in top of last dc or turning ch, ch 2 turn. (26 shells)
Row 5 + 6.....* 3dc, ch 1,1dc(shell) in ch 1 space of previous shell* repeat across, ending with dc in last dc or turning ch, ch 2 turn
Row 7 (sleeve row)....Shell in ch1 space of first 4 shells, ch 3, skip 5 ch1 spaces, shell in next 8 shells, ch3,skip 5 ch1 spaces, shell in last 4 shells,
dc in last dc or turning ch, ch 2 turn.
Row 8....*Shell in ch 1 space of each shell, shell in center ch of ch 3 of underarm,*repeat across, ending with dc in last dc or turning ch, ch2 turn(18 shells)
Row 9-16...*Shell in each shell (ch 1 space) across, ch 1 turn,
Row 17...Sc in each st and ch1 space across, 3sc in last sc, turn and 2sc in each space up front,3sc in corner st, sc, in each ch around neck and
down other side of front, 2sc in same space of beginning sc, join, cut yarn, weave in ends.
Sleeve: Must turn work for each row(2-8)
Rnd 1...Join yarn in center st underarm, ch2,2dc,ch1,1dc,(shell) in same space, shell in ch1 space of Row 7, shell in next 5 ch1 spaces, shell in ch1 space of Row 7,
join to top of ch2, turn.
Rnd 2-8....Slip stitch into ch 1 space of shell,ch2 , 2dc, ch 1, 1dc, shell in each ch 1 space, ending with slip st to top of ch 2 .ch 2 (no need to turn work)
Rnd 9....Hdc in same space, hdc, between shells and in ch1 space of each shell, join with sl st to beginning hdc, ch 2.
Rnd 10...Hdc in each hdc around, end off, weave in ends.
Tie....Chain 135, secure ends of ch, weave tie through Row 2 of sweater.
Copyright 06-18-2010......Peggy Su Besco & Jessica A. Esterly.
Our patterns are written for charity and personal use only, not for monatary gain.


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  2. this is such a cute sweater!

  3. If their is someone out in crochet land that could help me find a new born baby sweater with Hoodie I would be very happy the baby is coming in Nov this year and been looking for a pattern to do its not for a puppy.

    Thank you every one


  4. So pretty. Wish your picture was bigger so we could see it better. When you load it to the blog, if you choose med instead of small it makes a nice difference.

  5. This is soo sweet...just finished it, thank you :)

  6. Just a question as I cannot see the picture very well...Are there buttons down one side as row 17 is different on the front sides...one side has gaps and the other none? The pattern says nothing about buttons though. Thanks

  7. Hi this is my first item I'm crocheting other than blankets! I've started this and it is curving around over itself like a spiral, is this right? I'm up to row 5, just wondered if I'm using the right wool and needle size, I'm using a size 4mm crochet needle, I think this is a g hook? Thanks :)

  8. To Sammie: You're working over a curve with increases (chain spaces also count as stitches), so it will spontaneously attempt to curl round itelf unless you lay it out flat. Don't be alarmed.

    An American G hook is 4.25 mm (I'm Scottish, letters on crochet hooks mean nothing to me) but a 4.0 mm hook should work out when using a loose tension, but theres no real way to know because there isn't a stated guage.

    Hope everyone has produced a braw wee top :)

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  10. Hi i was going to have ago at this pattern but on round 1 its says .Join yarn in center st underarm, ch2,2dc,ch1,1dc,(shell) in same space, shell in ch1 space of . of what???

  11. Thought I'd let you know I blogged briefly about this wonderful pattern, at this link... http://prayersncrafts.blogspot.com/2016/03/baby-jackets-for-charity-crafters.html

    Our charity crafters have been using it for years now and it is our favorite for baby jackets...so adaptable, and we often leave off the sleeves for summer wear because it looks like little cap sleeves. Thank you so much for this.

  12. very eaay, and quick to make. would like a hat pattern to matxh

  13. very eaay, and quick to make. would like a hat pattern to matxh

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I'm learning and this is my first baby sweater. I tried another pattern and had problems following it. Yours was easier for me to follow. I don't feel it turned out perfect, so I'm going to try a second one. I appreciate learning from you!

  15. That appears to be excellent however i am still not too sure that I like it. At any rate will look far more into it and decide personally!
    My first baby

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